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Final temporary extension of immigration permissions granted until 15 Jan 2022

Ministers Humphreys and Browne announce the final temporary extension of immigration permissions

  • For permissions due to expire between 21 September 2021 and 15 January 2022, they will all automatically be extended to 15 January 2022

  • The extension is the final one and applies to people with permissions extended under previous notices

  • For ALL permissions/Stamps registered by the Immigration Service and An Garda Síochána

What does this mean for Stamp 1G holders?

For Stamp 1G holders who are close to their IRP expiry date (or whose IRP has already expired and is on the previous automatic extensions), this final extension gives you additional 4 months to (1) search for a job and (2) apply for an employment permit and move to Stamp 1. You are allowed to continue to stay and work in Ireland until the 15th of January 2022.

Please bear in mind it may take you more than 4-months to do the above two things. Currently, employment permit applications alone have a processing time of about 3-4 months with the DETE.

Therefore, if by November 2021, you are not able to secure an employment permit or have an employment permit application in progress, we would advise that you make a written application for a Formal 1G Extension, which we have successfully processed for many of our clients, see attached. The processing time for a Formal 1G Extension application can be up to 2 months (bear in mind the holidays in December).

Please note a Formal 1G Extension is different to the automatic extension the Department has offered.

  • A Formal 1G Extension will enable you to renew to a valid IRP card. This is recognised by employers when job-hunting and needed if you want to travel abroad.

  • An automatic extension will not give you an updated IRP card. If your current IRP card has expired, you will not be able to travel abroad.

Can I still avail of a Formal 1G Extension after this 4-months of automatic extension?

Yes, our office has successfully obtained 12-months extensions for many of our clients, see attached. So if you wish to avail of this, you can ge