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Future Direct provides assistance to private clients on various applications, such as General Employment Permits, Critical Skill Employment Permit, Stamp 1G Extension, Visa Extension, Entry Visa, Citizenship, Family Reunification, Stamp 4, Stamp 0, and more.

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Common Applications

If your Stamp 1G immigration permission is due to expire shortly, we can assist you in getting 6 month visa extension, depending on individual circumstances.

Stamp 1G Extension Application

Allows non-EEA Nationals who are qualified in professions with a shortage of skills in Ireland to work and live in Ireland legally. After two years of employment, you can take up permanent residence (Stamp 4) in Ireland.

Critical Skills Employment Permit Application

Allows non-EEA nationals to be legally employed in the Irish economy and live in Ireland. After 5 years of employment, you can take up permanent residence (Stamp 4) in Ireland.

General Employment Permit Application

This application allows people who were originally working in Ireland on expired employment permits to reactivate their employment permit status in Ireland.

Reactivation Employment Permit Application

If you are a Critical Skills Employment Permit Holders or Researchers on a Hosting Agreement, we can assist in helping your spouse or de facto partner or dependent children to come to Ireland.

Dependants / Spouses / Partners of Permit Holders

If you are an dependent elderly relative of an Irish national or an eligible permission holder in Ireland, wishing to join your family member, we can assist you with your visa application.

Visa for Dependant Elderly Relative (Stamp 0)

Fast-Track Application

Track your application with the relevant department and liaise on your behalf.

Seamless Application Supports

Prepare files and manage immigration-related applications from start to finish for you.

Dedicated Account Manager

Access to the consultant on the phone for quick support without the barrier of a receptionist.

Fast Turnaround Time

Full-time focus to operate efficiently and effectively to deliver results on time.

Let us help with your application

We focus on delivering positive results to our clients and dedicate to offering quality services. 

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