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What is a Trusted Partnership?

If an organisation is a trusted partner with the DETE, it will enjoy various benefits, such as an easier submission of employment permit applications.

Under the Trusted Partner Initiative, a Person who will offer employment / Employers / Connected Persons and EEA contractors may apply for Trusted Partner status. When Trusted Partner status is granted, a unique Trusted Partner Registration Number is assigned. Applicants granted Trusted Partner status will have access to their suite of employment permit application forms. They can only provide their Trusted Partner Registration number instead of all employer details.

The initiative's objective is to ease the administrative burden on employers / connected persons / EEA contractors in expansion mode and to remove the requirement that they replicate the same employer/connected person information in respect of each employment permit application made for grant or renewal.

To be eligible for a Trusted Partner Initiative, the Person who will make the offer of employment / Employer / Connected Person and EEA Contractor must be registered with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners as an employer and, where applicable, the Companies Registration Office / Registry of Friendly Societies.

Applications by Trusted Partners for Employment Permits

The Trusted Partner Initiative will streamline the application process for Employment Permits.

Applications by Trusted Partners on the Trusted Partner employment permit application forms only need to provide details relating to employment and the foreign national when applying for a permit.

Employment permit applications granted Trusted Partner status have access to their suite of employment permit application forms. The Trusted Partner Registration number must be quoted on all Trusted Partner employment permit applications submitted during the Trusted Partner registration validity period.

What are the benefits of the Trusted Partner Initiative?

  1. Fast turnaround of Trusted Partner registration applications

  2. No fee

  3. Reduced paperwork for every permit applied for under the scheme

  4. Status valid for two years

  5. Shortened employment permit application forms

  6. Faster turnaround of Trusted Partner employment permit applications

Trusted Partnership

Discover Trusted Partner Initiative, Employment Permit Applications by Trusted Partnership, and the Benefits of having a Trusted Partnership. Learn more below.

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An application to register as a Trusted Partner can be made online using the Employment Permits Online System (EPOS). Before you start your application, you can check out the Trusted Partner Registration Checklist Document (PDF, 535KB) which will assist with the application process.

The applicant must provide details and, where required, documentation in relation to their registrations with the Companies Registration Office, Registry of Friendly Societies and Office of the Revenue Commissioners. They may also provide details of connections with foreign employers or contract service agreements with Irish entities (Relevant Persons) for future Intra-company Transfer or Contract for Services Employment Permit applications, where this information is to hand.  A User Guide (PDF document) is available online which details the documentary requirements for each application type.

The person who will make an offer of employment/Employer/Connected Person or EEA Contractor granted Trusted Partner status will be allocated a Trusted Partner Registration Number.

The person offering employment/Employer /Connected Person or EEA Contractor must safeguard their Trusted Partner Registration Number to ensure no fraudulent use or misuse. Furthermore, suppose a Person who will offer employment / Employer /Connected Person or EEA Contractor fails to comply with the declarations stated on the Trusted Partner registration application form. In that case, its status as a Trusted Partner will be removed. Non-compliance may be brought to the attention of the Department via an NERA inspection at the renewal stage of a Trusted Partner employment permit application or through other means.

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