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How to Apply for Stamp 1G Extension

Updated: 2 days ago

In recent months, we have received many requests from Stamp 1G holders who are seeking an extension to their visas. Many are near to their 12 months (for level 8) or 24 months (for Master) duration on their Stamp 1G.

Following our correspondence with the Department of Justice, it is confirmed that they will consider applications for Stamp 1G extension application on a case by case basis. The Department has confirmed that the following procedures and documents will be required for the application. A screenshot of the correspondence is attached below.

Our office is currently accepting cases from clients to make the applications on your behalf, with a very high success rate. One of the clients has kindly shared the extension approval letter with us.

Permission requests must be submitted by post and include the following:

1. Detailed letter of your request - any statement made must be supported

by documentary evidence.

2. Full academic history in the State.

3. Evidence of finances i.e. six-month bank statements, P60s, payslips.

4. Evidence of private medical insurance.

5. Full-colour copy of your national passport - all pages including blank


6. Evidence of current address.

Once the client has the above documents, our experts will prepare the full application statement for you. We usually would request a second round of documents to fully capture your circumstances. Then we will print and post the application statement and supporting documents to the Immigration Office to be processed.