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Spouse / Civil Partner Visa

If you are married to, or in a civil partnership with, an Irish national you may be permitted to live in Ireland with your spouse/partner. Learn more about bringing your non-EEA spouse or civil partner home to Ireland here.

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If you are married to or in a civil partnership with, an Irish, UK, EEA or Swiss National or a Non-EEA national work permit holder in Ireland. You may be permitted to live in Ireland with your spouse/partner. The status change refer to a person Is already a resident in the state and had an alternative permission and they get married.

The application process time varies from four to six months.

Civil Partnerships

Persons who entered into civil partnership before 16 May 2016 in another jurisdiction will be recognised as civil partners in Ireland. This recognition is as provided for under Section 5 of the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010.

Persons who entered into civil partnerships after 16 May 2016 outside the jurisdiction will no longer be recognised in Ireland. This is as provided for under the Marriages Act 2015.

Same-sex marriages which were entered into prior to the introduction of the Marriage Bill 2015 are now recognised in Ireland with effect from 16 November 2015). You can find more information on our Department of Justice website.

How to apply?

If your spouse is an Irish National

Your application must be submitted in writing to Immigration Service Delivery. You must complete the Spouse/ Civil Partner of an Irish National Application Form and submit it with all the required original documentation, to the Department of Justice.


If your spouse is a Non-EEA and Swiss work permit holder

Your application must be submitted in writing to Immigration Service Delivery. You must complete the dependent application form and submit it with all the required documentation.


If your spouse is a Irish resident work permit holder, there are certain criteria to be fulfilled

  1. Your spouse must be on a Stamp 1,4 or 5.

  2. You must have entered Ireland legally. If you are unlawfully present in the State at the time of making the application, we will refuse the application

  3. We will not accept your application if you are the subject of a notification of intention to deport (15 day letter under Section 3 of the 1999 Immigration Act) or a Deportation Order or any other requirement to leave the State

  4. You must be a person of good character and obey Irish laws.

In this application, you would need to provide evidence of relationship and evidence of current activity of your spouse.


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In order to complete the process, once you have received a letter approving your application you and your Irish national spouse/partner will be required to attend at your local immigration registration office to register your permission. You must make an appointment with your local immigration office in order to register.

You will receive a refusal letter from the department indicating your reason for refusal in detail. You may be eligible for a decision appeal within 28 calendar days if you have received such a letter.

The following conditions will apply to your temporary permission to remain in the State:

  • You are living in the same household as your Irish spouse, as part of a family unit

  • You will obey the laws of the State

  • You will not be involved in any criminal activity

  • You and your spouse/civil partner will reside continuously in Ireland

  • You will make every effort to gain employment. If you fail to take up employment and become a burden on the State without reasonable explanation, your permission may not be renewed

  • You accept that granting your temporary permission to remain does not entitle another person to enter or remain in the State.


Note: ‘Reside continuously in the State’ means that you have lived in the State full-time for the period you were granted permission (shown by the stamps in your passport).

You may only be out of the State for short periods, including holidays, family emergencies, or work commitments arising from business or employment carried out within the State (which, for Spouse/Civil Partner of an Irish National, does not exceed more than three months in a year).

Please note that long absences from the State may have a negative impact on requests to renew permission and on any citizenship application that you may make.

Applications from a person with an existing deportation order or removal order will not be considered. You must seek to have the deportation order or removal order revoked before making an application. Details on this process are available here.

If you are no longer residing together, you must notify your local Immigration office within 7 days. You do not require a legal separation. Within two calendar months after your separation, you will need to inform in writing Immigration Service Delivery.

Please include a copy of your national passport containing your registration stamp and Certificate of Registration. Details should be provided to the address below.

Once you are no longer residing together, your marriage/civil partnership is considered to have dissolved (marriage/civil partnership is no longer subsisting), for the purpose of this permission. The Immigration Service Delivery will consider your application and make a decision if you qualify for a permission in your own right.

No. You are not allowed to enter employment during the application process. You may seek a Work Permit from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

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