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Is your Stamp 1G expiring on the 31st of May? Apply for another 6-months 1G extension now.

In the past two years, the Irish Department of Justice has announced numerous automatic extensions of immigration permissions up to 31/05/2022. This has benefited thousands of stamp 1G holders (and other stamp holders) who live and work in Ireland during the pandemic. It gave opportunities for people to continue with their lives without being concerned about the uncertainties in their immigration permissions.

However, as we approach 31/05/2022 many Stamp 1G holders are facing a challenge; you have not yet secured an Employment Permit to be able to transfer to a Stamp 1 visa. The reasons could be that

  1. You have filed for your Employment Permit and are waiting for it to be approved, which will be beyond 31/05/2022. The current processing times for General Employment Permit is about 4-5 months.

  2. You are in employment but have not yet filed for an Employment Permit application

  3. Your employment is not eligible for either General Employment Permit or Critical Skills Employment Permit

  4. You are still actively searching for your dream job

  5. Any other complications involving personal circumstances

The Solution

Following our correspondence with the Department of Justice, it is confirmed that they will consider applications for Stamp 1G extension application on a case by case basis. This is required to be a formal written application to present your case and your reasons.

  • This is a 1G extension that can be obtained in addition to the automatic extension beyond 31/05/2022.

  • In recent months, we have already successfully obtained 1G Extensions for our clients through this manner, mostly for a period of 6 months or more.

  • The processing time of this formal 1G extension application is about 4 weeks. You will receive the granting of permission in the form of a Permission Letter through the post. You can then take this letter to renew your IRP card for the additional extended period.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, where your Stamp 1G or any other visa type, is running out of time. Then this 6 months extension can provide a great opportunity and time for you to secure the right Employment Permit or Visa you need.

Should you require us to make the application on your behalf or have any questions, feel free to call us today at +353 872400433 or email We are happy to answer your questions.


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