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General Employment Permit

Entry Visa

If you are looking to apply for an entry visa to enter Ireland for holidays, to study in Ireland, to move in with your partner who is an Irish national, or to apply for Irish citizenship, our experienced immigration consultants can assist you with any immigration matter. 

Irish Immigration

Support and Services

Entering Ireland

Coming to work, study, short-term visit, and family visas in Ireland.

Work Visas

If you wish to work in Ireland you need to have an Employment Permit, which is issued by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE). Here you will find information about how to apply for the visa you need to travel to Ireland to work.

Study Visas

If you wish to study in Ireland, you must be enrolled in a full-time course on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes(ILEP).  Here you will find information about how to apply for the visa you need to travel to Ireland to study.

Short-Term Visas

If you want to take a holiday or a short break in Ireland, you can visit for less than 90 days. If you are from a visa-required country, you must apply for a Short Stay ‘C’ Tourist Visa.

Family Visas

Discover Spouse/ Civil Partner Visa, De Factor Partner, Elderly Parent, and Dependent Children.

Status Change Within Ireland

Spouse/Civil Partner, Parent of an Irish Child, De Facto Partner, and Change of Immigration Permission.

Spouse/Civil Partner Visa

Allows non-Irish nationals to join their spouse/civil partner who is an Irish citizen or employment permit holder in Ireland.

De Facto Partner Visa

Allows a De Facto partner who is in a relationship with an Irish citizen or employment permit holder to stay in Ireland. 

Parent of an Irish Child

If you are the parent of an Irish citizen child, you may be eligible for permission to remain in Ireland on this basis. All applications for permission to remain as the parent of an Irish citizen child are examined on a case-by-case basis.

Change of Immigration Permission

Allows people who holds a valid permission, represented by a current Irish Residence Permit (IRP card) to change the type of immigration permission or stamp they have if their circumstances change.

Citizenship & Residency

Stamp 4, Stamp 5 (Without Condition As To Time), Stamp 6 (Irish Citizenship), and Other Irish Immigration Stamps.

Stamp 4

Stamp 4 permission enable non-EEA nationals to live, work, invest, do business, and study in Ireland. 

Stamp 5 

Stamp 5, also known as ‘Without condition as to time’ permission, allows minimum 8 years of legal residency to live and work in Ireland.

Stamp 6 (Irish Citizenship)

Stamp 6 is the permission to remain in Ireland without condition if the holder has dual nationality or citizenship.

Other Irish Immigration Stamps

Discover Stamp 0, Stamp 1, Stamp 1H, Stamp 1A, Stamp 2, Stamp 2A, Stamp 3, and Stamp 4D.

Need help with your situation?

Contact our expert immigration consultants for advice on your immigration stamp permissions and how you can reunite with your loved ones in Ireland as quickly as possible.

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