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Travel with an expired IRP card during the Christmas period 09 December 2022 to 31 January 2023

The Immigration Services Delivery (ISD) Office in Burgh Quay Dublin is currently experiencing a very large volume of applications. The current processing time to renew an IRP is about 8 weeks.

To facilitate Non-EEA Nationals legally resident in the State who need to renew IRP cards and who wish to travel internationally during the Christmas period, the Minister is issuing a Travel Confirmation Notice. This document will allow the individuals to travel on their recently expired IRP card. When travelling you should present the following documents to immigration authorities and airlines if requested to do so:

  • Your Passport

  • Your recently expired IRP Card.

  • Confirmation of your IRP Card renewal submitted in advance of the expiry date (email confirmation which details the date of application and OREG number).

  • Download and print the Travel Confirmation Notice issued by the Department of Justice below.

Travel-Confirmation-Notice-Attachment_From Future Direct Immigration
Download PDF • 80KB

This will enable you to travel in confidence from 9 December 2022 to 31 January 2023, provided an application to renew your registration permission was submitted in advance of the expiry date of your IRP Card. This Travel Confirmation Notice is valid from 09 December 2022 to 31 January 2023 only. The Department will continue to process applications for online renewals.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Travel Arrangement from 09 December 2022 to 31 January 2023

Q1. What happens if I want to remain abroad after the 31 January 2023?

Answer: If you wish to remain abroad after 31 January 2023 you will need to renew

your IRP card before you travel. If you are a visa-required national and have

been unable to renew your IRP card before your travel date, then, on an

exceptional basis, you can apply for a visa to re-enter the State at your local Irish

Embassy or Consular Office.

This application should be made online on AVATS when at your destination and

you will then be instructed to submit the application to the local mission or visa

office, who will do their best to expedite your case.

The contact details for the Mission to which you send your application will be on

the AVATS summary sheet. If you are a visa-required national, you can apply for

a visa here.

Q2. What happens if I want to travel after 31 January 2023?

Q3. What happens if I am waiting for a letter of permission before applying for an IRP


Q4. I have applied for EU Treaty Rights but still do not have a letter of temporary

permission to allow me to apply for an IRP card. What can I do?

Q5. I have been in Ireland for a number of weeks but have been unable to get an

appointment in Dublin to register my permission. What can I do?

Q6. What happens if I am unable to return by this deadline because of COVID-19

restrictions or flight problems?

Q7. I have applied online for a new IRP card. If it arrives at my Irish address while I am traveling, can I use a soft copy to return to Ireland after 31 January 2023?

Q8. What if I have to travel through a third country to return to Ireland?

Q9. I am a diplomat who wishes to remain outside Ireland beyond 31 January 2023. What should I do?


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