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Suspension of Visa and Preclearance Applications Extended Until Further Notice

As of 5th May 2021, the decision to temporarily suspend the processing of new visa and preclearance applications has been extended until further notice. The Department of Justice intends to provide a further update shortly. The situation will continue to be reviewed in consultation with the relevant authorities in the coming weeks.

  • The notice also states that applications received before the 29th of January will continue to be processed.

  • Applications for appeal are also being accepted and processed.

  • Employment Permit applications will continue to be processed.

Due to the level 5 restrictions, there has been a temporary change to Ireland's Visa requirements and employment permit. Only a limited number of Visa Applications currently being processed, including priority and emergency cases. These cases include applications for essential workers, patients travelling for necessary medical treatment and persons travelling for urgent family reasons. Therefore, this is holders of critical skills employment permit or general employment permit who is waiting to travel to Ireland for work in many other fields.

Future Direct specialises in Irish employment permit and immigration. If you are affected by this, please contact us for assistance and advice.


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