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Stamp 1G Visa Extensions 2024: What you need to know

As the number of Stamp 1G extension applications continues to rise, international students in Ireland face uncertainties regarding their employment prospects and Irish Residence Permit (IRP) expiry dates. In this blog, Future Direct addresses some of the most common questions raised by Stamp 1G holders.

You should always keep track on the expiry date on your Irish Resident Permit
What is Stamp 1G extension and how to utilise it

What should I do if my Stamp 1G expires and I have not secured an employment permit?

In this case, you must check your IRP expiry date immediately. If your Stamp 1G permission validity is shorter than six months, you should consider applying for a Stamp 1G extension now. The primary purpose is to get yourself more time so you can continue to stay in Ireland to secure a job offer and apply for an employment permit. If your application is granted, you will have an additional six months to stay and work in Ireland. The exact duration of the extension is at the visa officer's discretion and it's usually six months. The purpose of this visa extension is to give you more time to secure an employment permit in the near future.

It's important to note that visa extension applications are processed on a case-by-case basis based on the merits of the application. There is no guarantee that an application will be approved. Therefore, seeking professional advice when making this application is highly recommended.

What if I am already in the process of an employment permit application, but my Stamp 1G is expiring soon?

You should note that processing a critical skill employment permit and a general employment permit usually takes four to eight weeks, respectively. If your application is being refused, the appeal process could take another four to eight weeks. Therefore, you apply for your employment permit at least four months prior to your IRP expiry date.

If your Stamp 1G has four to six months until expiry, the timeline would be sufficient for you to wait for your decision rather than making a Stamp 1G application.

Is it still possible to make a Stamp 1G visa extension application at the last minute or after my IRP card has expired?

Yes, applying for a visa extension at the last minute and after your IRP Card has expired is still possible. We have successfully processed similar cases for individuals who have experienced exceptional circumstances.

Is it possible to apply for a second and third Stamp 1G visa extension?

Yes, applying for multiple visa extensions is possible if you are a stamp 1G holder and find it difficult to secure an employment permit or a long-term visa in Ireland. However, there are strict requirements for the application, and they will be processed at the discretion of the visa officers.

Future Direct is a leading immigration consultancy firm that provides immigration services to corporate and individual clients in Ireland. If your Stamp 1G is expiring and you wish to apply for an extension, call us at +353 871734289 or email We are happy to answer your questions and help you with this matter.



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