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More than 6000 signed the petition for Stamp 1G Extension

Ireland is home to third-level universities and colleges of global standing. Every year, students from all around the globe choose Ireland to pursue a degree or a master program. In addition, international students are attracted by the career opportunities in the State.

International students who graduate at a Third-Level Graduate Programme may qualify for a Stamp 1G permission for a period of one year or two years. This offers them an opportunity to engage in employment or internship which will, in turn, assist them in seeking graduate-level employment and applying for either a general employment permit, a critical skills employment permit or a research hosting agreement.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, employment opportunities have faced uncertainties on a national and global scale. Many companies have implemented hiring freezes or postponed planned recruitment processes, making job hunting more challenging than usual. The situation is even more challenging for international students who graduated between 2019 and 2020, who have a limited time to seek employment before their Stamp 1G expires. Thousands of students have invested a significant amount in college fees, and have been unable to find a job and, consequently, a visa sponsorship.

A group of international students who graduated between 2019 and 2020 has created a petition to have their Third Level Graduate Visa (Stamp 1G) extended for one more year, due to the unusual challenges they have faced in securing employment. It is noted that this extension will not only be beneficial for the graduates, but also for the Irish economy in retaining qualified talents and remain as a competitive choice for international students. The Irish Council for Internation Students has also issued out an article urging that Ireland must show solidarity with international student graduates.

In the past months, we have received multiple queries from Stamp 1G holders who are seeking employment or looking for an extension of their 1G stamp. Future Direct supports the petition and also believes that a visa extension for all affected Stamp 1G holders should be considered by the Department of Justice.

📝 Click the link below to sign up for the petition if you are one of them:


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