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The minimum salary for healthcare assistants' employment permit to remain at €27,000, as of January 2024

Healthcare assistants and care staff are eligible for general employment permit in Ireland.
Several thousand healthcare assistants and care staff are working in Ireland on general permits

Minister Richmond announced the largest-ever expansion to the employment permits system in December 2023, effective on 17/01/2024. The change also included an increase to the minimum salary requirement for a general employment permit for Healthcare Assistants.

The new minimum salary requirement, up from €27,000 (€13.31/hour) to €30,000

(€14.78/hour), was intended to apply to permit applications for healthcare assistants submitted from 17/01/2024. However, this change has been deferred to allow nursing home operators to address the funding requirements. The salary increase is to give the nursing home sector sufficient time to meet the financial requirements of these salary adjustments in line with their funding model. It is yet unsure how long exactly this deferral will last.

Our team has been extremely busy since the beginning of the year as many clients needed to submit their applications before the higher salary took effect. This deferral will be good news to those who have yet to submit their permit applications and don't yet meet the higher salary requirement.

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