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Irish Immigration Support to Ukrainian Nationals and Residents of Ukraine

Effective from Friday, 26 February, the Department of Justice in Ireland confirmed that visa requirements are being waived for Ukrainians who travel here. The emergency measure will apply to all Ukrainians who arrive in Ireland.

This move is set to "This will streamline and support the swift exit of both the Ukrainian family members of Irish citizens and the family members of people from Ukraine who are resident in Ireland."

Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said on Tuesday. “Anybody leaving Ukraine now not only will be able to travel to Ireland, but they are welcome to come here.”

Key Highlights:

Q 1. I am a Ukrainian Citizen; do I need a Visa to travel to Ireland?

No, you do not need a Visa to travel to Ireland. The waiving of visa requirements is an emergency measure, which will apply to all Ukrainians travelling to Ireland.

If you travel to Ireland without a visa during the period of the invasion of Ukraine you will initially be given standard 90-day entry permission while appropriate support and protection measures are put in place.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has travel advice at for neighbouring countries that people may be planning to travel to, or through.

Please note if you are transiting through another EU country or the UK you may need a transit visa.

Q 2. What are my options after arriving in Ireland?

Ukrainians who travel to Ireland without a visa have 90 days after they arrive to regularise their status or to apply for asylum through the International Protection system. The following options are available:

A. Through family members

Ukrainian nationals may be able to secure an immigration status based on family links, particularly where the family member in Ireland is an Irish or an EEA national. Processing time for these applications can vary between 6-12 months. There is no special immigration scheme put in place for Ukrainian family members yet, although it would be strongly encouraged.

B. Through Employment

There is also the option to secure employment in Ireland and apply for an employment permit. The current employment permit application processing time is about 4-5 months.

C. Seeking Asylum

Another option for people who arrive in the country is to apply for asylum. In Ireland, this is called the International Protection system. This will enable give you access to accommodation in the direct provision system and a right to work after six months,

When you enter Ireland, if you decide to apply for asylum, you can tell the immigration officer at Border Control that you are seeking international protection or visit the International Protection Office (IPO) in Dublin. The office is located at Timberly House, 79-83 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2 in Dublin city centre. See the image below. A formal application must be made to the IPO after you arrive in Ireland.

D. EU Temporary Protection Scheme

Ireland is working with EU colleagues on proposals to activate the Temporary Protection Directive, an emergency provision designed to respond quickly and humanely to the mass displacement of Ukrainian people. This will allow entry while appropriate support and protection measures are put in place.

We are awaiting updates from the Irish government to announce the details of how this will work and how individuals may access the permission

Q3. Where Can I find more info?

Future Direct specialises in Irish Employment Permits and immigration procedures such as stamp 0, stamp 1 and etc. Should you require us to make the application on your behalf or have any questions, feel free to call us today at +353 872400433 or email We are happy to answer your questions.


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