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Burgh Quay Registration Office reopening 10 May 2021

Today the Department of Justice has announced the re-opening of the Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin on Monday 10 May.

The office was closed December last year due to Level 5 COVID lockdown. This caused the cancellation of thousands of appointments for first-time immigration registrations. This cause great inconvenience and stress to the thousands of newly-arrived migrants in Ireland, who couldn't get an Irish Residency Permission (IRP) card. The IRP card are required for state welfares, traveling and employment.

The Burgh Quay Registration Office will re-open on Monday, 10 May, with priority given to any first-time registrations that were cancelled in December. Those people with cancelled appointments will be contacted by the INIS this week with new appointments. A New Customer Service Helpdesk is recently launched to deal with increasing in the demand. Employment permit holders or other newly arrived foreign nationals who require registration are advised to book apppointments now.

Anyone else based in Dublin can now use the online booking system on the ISD website to book an appointment to register their immigration status.

If you live outside Dublin, you can still register your immigration status for the first-time by visiting your local GNIB registration office.

Future Direct specialises in Irish employment permit and immigration. We are looking forward to see the reopening of this essential service.


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