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Uncover the English Language School Visa Scam

Ireland has always been one of the top destinations for international students seeking to learn English. Given the fact that there are language schools are turning down thousands of students due to the housing crisis, the reports from the Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) Association still show a significant rise of 23% in student numbers from 2022 to 2023, reaching a total of 128,397 students.

Irish "ghost student" due to the English language school scam
Irish "ghost student" due to the English language school scam

Unfortunately, this great opportunity is being exploited by malicious individuals to forge and sell fake documents, including enrolment letters and medical insurance. The student agreed to pay the scammers on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger between €600 to €1,800 for those forged documents and applied for a student visa to enter Ireland. These students, often called "ghost students," never attended their courses and ended up working illegally in the State.

Many students claim ignorance of the legal consequences of the "English Language School Visa Scam", thinking it was merely “under the table”. However, when their visa applications are scrutinised, no enrollment records are found in the language school's system. Those who try to get their money back from scammers usually end up empty-handed, which can cause even more stress and disappointment.

As a professional immigration service provider, Future Direct strongly suggests that all individuals stand against engaging in such activities, emphasising the serious nature of fraudulent crimes. According to The Irish Times, Authorities such as language schools and the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) are aware of this issue and take measures to verify visa applications thoroughly.

It is crucial for students to understand that using fake documents will not only result in visa rejection. The students will not be allowed a visa refusal appeal and will be banned from obtaining an Irish visa for five years.

Future Direct is one of the leading immigration consultancy firms that provide immigration services to corporate and individual clients in Ireland. If you are confused about your current visa type and its conditions, please call us today at +353 872400433 or email We are happy to answer your questions.


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