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Scam Alert! Fake Immigration Service Calls Targeting Irish Residents

Recently, with the increase in visa applicants and renewals, Irish residents constantly receive scam service calls, claiming to be the “Immigration Service Delivery (ISD)”. These deceptive calls, often automated and originating from Irish mobile numbers, inform recipients that their visa permissions have expired or other related issues. 

Stay Alert and protect you own information
Stay Vigilant: Protect Yourself Against Fraudulent Immigration Service Calls Targeting Irish Residents!

Targeted victims are then prompted to press a specific number to rectify the situation. Adding to the sophistication of the scam, the message is often repeated in another language, such as Mandarin or Asian languages, targeting a broader spectrum of residents.

Following the Department of Justice of Ireland, Future Direct emphasizes that these calls are fraudulent. In light of this, we urge the public not to engage and to stay informed to safeguard their personal information! The Department of Justice has also clarified that they will never initiate contact with individuals regarding immigration matters unless in direct response to an inquiry previously submitted by the individual.

Future Direct would also like to suggest that in general terms, individuals will be contacted by the Irish authorities through mail post. We are one of the leading immigration consultancy firms providing immigration services to corporate and individual clients in Ireland. Should you receive such calls and have doubts regarding immigration issues, please call us today at +353 872400433 or email


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