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Navigating the Clarifications of Stamp 4 Application for Critical and General Skill Permits: What You Need to Know

Since the announcement of the cessation of applying for the Stamp 4 support letters that took effect on 30 November 2023, there has been an ambiguity regarding the application process for individuals on general skill permits.

For those unaware of the announcement of the change on November 2023. International employees on Stamp 1 no longer need to apply for a Stamp 4 support letter from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE). Instead, they could apply for Stamp 4 directly to the registration office as long as they are eligible and comprehensive documents are provided to the authorities.

Mastering the Stamp 4 Application: Your Roadmap to Clarity.
Mastering the Stamp 4 Application: Your Roadmap to Clarity.
  • Critical Skills Employment Permit and Hosting Agreement holders can only apply for Stamp 4 when they have fulfilled at least 21 months under a Stamp 1 visa. The condition remains the same for individuals on a Stamp 1H visa as a non-consultant hospital doctor on the basis of a multi-site general employment permit. The application requirements for critical skill permit holders and doctors will remain unchanged.

  • Further, a Researcher under a Hosting Agreement is also eligible to make a Stamp 4 application upon the completion of 21 months from the commencement of employment in Ireland.

  • On the other hand, General Employment Permit holders are eligible to make a Stamp 4 application upon completing 57 months of employment in Ireland. In other words, they can start their application only after 57 months on the permit. The required documents have not changed.

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