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Navigating Changes in the Irish Job Market after a Quarter Drop in Work Permit Approval in 2023.

Ireland Job Market
An Overview of the Irish Job Market

Did you know that the number of work permits issued in 2023 dropped by a quarter compared to the previous year? The figure dropped from 39,955 to 30,981. More than half of this variance stemmed from the tech sector, plummeting from 10,832 to 5,009 permits. While this may seem concerning, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment remains optimistic, projecting a return to 40,000 permits in 2024. This optimism is fueled by adding new roles to the critical skills occupation list and removing barriers, such as social care roles, from the ineligible occupation list. This is highlighted in the latest expansion on the employment permit system in January 2024.

However, amidst these optimistic projections, it's essential to acknowledge the broader context within which the Irish job market operates. One pressing issue is the housing supply shortage, which has implications for job seekers and employers. As more permits are projected to be issued in 2024, there will likely be an increased demand for housing accommodations by incoming workers and their families. As a result, the housing shortage and high rental prices in Ireland will continue to be a challenge for many.

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