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Visas to Ireland

Our expert will assist you with applications and documents for all types of visas and immigration registration in Ireland. We have a history of successful visa applications for our clients. 

All non­ - EEA nationals need permission to remain in the State. Permission to remain will be in the form of an endorsement in your passport confirming the conditions and period of time for which you have permission to remain in the State.

Our team of immigration specialists based in Dublin provide advisory and processing services to clients in relation to all visa application, entry clearance, employment permit, and long-term residency requirements

Visas to come to Ireland

Visa Application Key Information:

  1. The first step is to secure employment in Ireland.

  2. Your employer will work with you to apply for an employment permit (critical skills, general, etc.) for you to come to work in Ireland. This is a piece of a document stating that you are allowed to work in Ireland during a period of time for a certain employer. 

  3. Once your Employment Permit is granted, then you are ready to apply for your employment visa online here and pay the relevant fees.

  4. When you apply for your visa you will require a list of supporting documents which include the following. See details on each document from INIS.

    • Two-color passport-sized photographs not more than 6 months old

    • Your current passport and a full copy of all previous passports

    • A signed letter of application including your full contact details

    • Employment Permit from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation

    • Employment Contract (if any)

    • Letter from the employer in Ireland

    • Evidence of qualifications and previous work experience

    • Proof of Finance (6 months bank statement)

    • Medical/Travel Insurance

    • Previous Visa Refusals


   5. Once the visa is granted, all original documents will be returned to you.


Key Things to Note:

  • The most common reason for employment visa refusal is insufficient documents and information were provided.

  • The supporting documents may differ depending on your nationality and where you are applying for the visa from. Be sure to consult the Irish Embassy’s website for specific requirements with your application.

  • Every single document that is not in English must be translated and notarised separately by the translation company.

  • Visa officers may contact you through phone calls to verify some information. Be sure to answer the phone and provided the details accurately.

Duration:  Generally 8 weeks

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